A Business View Of IT Asset Management: Current State And Near-Term Outlook

The latest iteration of ServiceNow’s annual IT asset management (ITAM) survey reveals that ITAM has reached an inflection point, offering a clear pathway to secure a more prominent position at the executive table. The level of ITAM maturity directly affects an organization’s agility in responding to evolving business demands and as ITAM delivers enhanced business value, its influence and significance continue to grow.

This report explores the emerging trends and opportunities that IT leaders identify as impacting not only the ITAM function but the overall business landscape. These include the fundamental role technology assets play in security, rising prominence of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements, as well as the increasing collaboration between ITAM and cloud FinOps—all of which are improved when intelligent automation is embedded into the fabric of ITAM operations. By exploring these trends, IT professionals can gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape and understand how ITAM can play a pivotal role in driving business success.