The Power of Space Management

In the age of flexible work, employees are visiting the workplace for a specific purpose. Whether they’re attending an event, meeting, or collaborating with coworkers, the need for flexible working environments is a priority. Workplace and real estate teams are tasked with effectively planning and managing existing space for optimal utilization. These changing ways of work are driving the need for digital solutions that provide modern employee experiences and drive greater operating efficiencies.

ServiceNow® Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) empowers businesses by providing built-in workflows to help plan, manage and collect insights around space and utilization. Modern technologies included in WSD provide building managers with the necessary data to create optimal working environments for their employees and assess what kind of space they need (or don’t need) now and into the future.

ServiceNow Workplace Space Management enables the following capabilities and insights: space administration, space utilization, and space visualization.

Read on and learn:
• Why your organization should put more thought into space management.
• How to leverage tools like space admin, space utilization, and space visualization modernize organizations.
• Why it’s important for employees to better configure their space.