Jo Stretch Brings the Benefits of Stretching to Coronado

(Source:TheCoronadotimes)Get ready to feel renewed, with less aches and pains, after a visit to Jo Stretch, soon to be open at 1010 C Avenue, in the former Coronado Beauty Salon site. Offering a new concept to help with flexibility, preventing injuries, releasing muscle pain, relieving stress, helping with post-workout recovery and more, Jo Stretch will have a soft opening October 5 and will offer free 15-minute stretches leading up to its grand opening on October 9.

A team of six stretchers, who hold degrees in kinesiology and related fields, will be available to provide stretching sessions for clients combining personal training, physical therapy, and massage techniques. Manager JJ Brawley, N.C.P.T. LcHT., points out that the stretchers work to push clients to accomplish more, help heal injuries and provide tranquil relaxation, depending on the needs. One-on-one assisted stretching sessions can be helpful for many conditions including sciatica pain, plantar fasciitis, sore muscles, and much more.  Current clients range from kids to seniors and include both non-athletes and pro and semi-professional athletes, all with the goal of improving their mobility and flexibility.