Get Ready for the Convergence of Employee Performance and Engagement

Performance management and employee engagement as we know them are changing. Integrated processes are starting to become the norm because of their ability to offer a more cohesive experience for employees and managers, and drive business impact. As technologies and processes evolve, they are incorporating a focus on understanding, coaching, and recognition as approaches to motivating employees and ultimately driving performance.

This new Gartner research, Get Ready for the Convergence of Employee Performance and Engagement, investigates the key changes in approach and execution of engagement, performance, and recognition processes and offers suggestions on how to implement them in your organization.

Download this report to:
• Examine the shifts that are driving practice and market changes for engagement and performance.
• Receive a summary of solutions that facilitate or implement an integrated approach.
• Explore emerging engagement and performance processes and tools from the viewpoint of employees, managers, and the organization.